Donate The Rare Monkey books to a Nursery, School or Children’s Hospital


Donate a copy of The Rare Monkey with the Colourful Bottom and The Rare Monkey Can’t, Couldn’t, Can! to a UK based Nursery, School or Children’s Hospital.

‘I was blown away by this children’s book. Here is a rare thing indeed: a children’s book with a strong moral message whilst also presenting an artistic and creative flair.’

The Rare Monkey with the Colourful Bottom: The Rare Monkey is the only monkey in the wild with a multicoloured, bright bottom. Follow his journey of cheek and colour as he discovers the importance of being yourself and liking who you are.

The Rare Monkey Can’t, Couldn’t Can!: The Rare Monkey feels sad he can’t do what other animals in the wild can. A new friendship shows him the importance of celebrating what others can do and that in your own way anything is possible.

Each book is A5 in size.

Printed in the UK. Illustrations by Jeffrey Mundell. Written and published by Joanne Gale.

If you’d like to donate our books to a cause outside of the UK, please contact us to arrange


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