Publishing – Patterns in the Jam

In 2014, after completing The Princes Trust Explore Enterprise Program, I decided to publish a children’s picture book The Rare Monkey with the Colourful Bottom. In 2016, I wrote and published The Rare Monkey Can’t, Couldn’t, Can!

Both picture books are packed full of stunning illustrations by Jeffrey Mundell.

Both stories are humorous, while at the same time exploring the importance of being kind to yourself and others. I decided to print every book here in the UK to help reduce freighting; both books are available via The Rare Monkey shop and are stocked in many bookstores throughout the UK.

In 2019, I published Christmas Tree as an ebook – it’s a short story about modern, urban life, the elderly, the isolated and Christmas.

I’ve recently turned a collection of flash fictions into an paperback and audiobook called Four Walls. I’m continuing to work on a collection of short stories and a novella.

I have a growing collection of short stories and poems that I’ve written for children. I often use these in my storytelling’s and I’m beginning to work these into fully illustrated and professional published paperback, ebooks and audio books.

I publish using the name Patterns in the Jam – I wrote this on my phones notes years ago and it stuck: patterns are everywhere and I love jammin.